Sunday, 28 August 2011

Frieda & Nellie

The handmade bracelets we all love with added glitz - if thats your thing... then thats what they do. :)

Dori Csengeri

Almost everyday on my walk home in Tel Aviv I would pass the small boutique of the jewellery designer Dori Csengeri. I had come across her work (thanks to my muma) a few years ago which is when I initially took a liking to her unique designs. It was really nice to come back and see all these new collections with different styles and colour ways - Some of the pieces are really special and make for great statement jewellery. Check their Facebook

Along the streets of TLV- 1

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Friday, 19 August 2011

A, B, Sea

© Light & Dew

6 days

Penguin Ink

Penguin celebrates 75 years with the best in literature and graphic design.... pretty enticing.
 Cover designed by tattoo artist, Valerie Vargas
 Cover designed by tattoo artist, Lynn Akura
 Cover designed by tattoo artist, Han van der Sluys
Cover designed by tattoo artist, Valerie Vargas