Sunday, 30 December 2012


With our last INTROducing for 2012 and probably for a good few months we've decided to share a truly exciting and inspiring interview- thanks to everyone who has participated and enjoyed our series- Happy New Year from Light & Dew! xx 

How are you guys??
Good thanks, a touch busy so looking forward to a week or two off at Christmas!

Give us 3 words that describe you best:
So, can you tell us what Patternity is all about?
Patternity is a creative organisation that's driven by the certainty that pattern is everywhere from the mundane to the magnificent. Our projects and innovations go beyond the surface, using the application of pattern to add substance and relevance to the aesthetic
Our clients range from high-end fashion houses, interior and architecture firms, media and publishing companies, to retailers, government bodies and universities. We believe a shared awareness of pattern positively engages us with our environment and each other.

Nice! How did this all come about?
We met through a shared love of pattern and drive to work across boundaries without limitation. Though we were from different backgrounds (Art Direction and Surface/textiles design) we were united by a shared drive to put our past experience working for global brands to good use, creating something different, relevant and worthwhile.

What’s the most exciting thing you've done in your career so far?
Our Shift table was one of our most exciting projects to date. Here we worked with marquetry craft specialist Toby Winteringham [who is also Grace Winteringham's father], using our addition of bold geometric patterns shifting from light to dark. This piece referenced the passing of time, acceptance, and change. It’s apt, then, that this project should win us our first Wallpaper* Design Award [in 2011] for our innovative approach to a long-forgotten technique. Bringing a new lease of life to Toby’s practice was the most rewarding aspect of the project.
What’s been your dullest job?
Entering binary code at a bank during the summer after my graduation. Good for patterns of 1's and 0's. Terrible for expanding my brain.

Where do you hope to see Patternity in 5-10 years from now?
Patternity is coming to define a way of seeing the world, and also a way of bringing people together. We hope to not only have expanded our range of pattern design collaborations and products continuing to innovate and blur boundaries between disciplines but also to be using pattern to educate and inspire on a much larger scale. Growing our educational/events arm of Patternity is key to the future of the company, promoting a deeper engagement with our environment and each other through real life patterned focussed experiences.
If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be??
We'd like to explore the connection between patterns and health, so working with the world health organisation on improving hospital interiors so surrounding patterns actually positively affect the wellbeing of patients.

Where do you look/go for inspiration?
We’re about finding inspiration absolutely everywhere: from spectrums of colour swirling in diesel-doused pavements under our feet, to the neat geometry of the high-rise architecture above us. The process of looking up, down, around and beyond – and noticing the patterns that surround us – helps us gain perspective and remember our place in the now. It’s a way of positively engaging with our environment and each other. Everything Patternity does is a celebration of this. It extends to exploring the patterns that often go unnoticed. For us the research and exploration of pattern is endless, and ranges across eras and fields. The natural world is becoming an ever increasing source of inspiration to us. We are looking into how we can learn from nature as the ultimate efficient and sustainable designer-engineer.
What’s taken the most balls?
Leaving our part time jobs to concentrate on Patternity full time (9months ago) There came a time when we both just knew we could either carry on working for other brands forever or just fully power forward with Patternity. It was a scary but exhillarating decision and we've not looked back since. We've both made a huge amount of sacrifices, and it's not the easy path to take but it's been extremely rewarding.

Tell us a bit about your exhibition coming up-
We're currently working very hard towards our first annual Patternity exhibition which will be taking place in April 2013. PATTERN POWER / SUPERSTRIPE is the first of in an ongoing series of annual pattern events which will see the core Patternity ethos on “seeing pattern everywhere from the mundane to the magnificent” move boldly into the real world - with a focus on Stripes. 

And lastly, the best advice you have for new graduates is....
In a world where there's so much 'stuff', consider how your creativity and fresh ideas can help innovate and assist the world at a what is historically and economically a difficult time. Stay inspired, be aware, work hard but take time out to enjoy the journey along the way. Don't worry too much about what's around the corner, don't be competitive - it's useless, be kind to people, and if you're new/doing work experience (a must if you want to get a taste of different ways of working) always offer to make the tea - it goes a VERY long way!