Thursday, 7 June 2012

INTROducing....Jessie Ware: Singer/Songwriter

Give us 3 words that describe you best:

Worried, happy, loyal

So, can you tell us what it is you actually do?

I am a singer.  I write songs and perform with my band.

...and you're how old?!?!


Nice! How did you get into this?

I have always sung but I took it seriously after I started singing back up for my friend Jack Penate.  From then on it was a case of working out how to be a professional singer.

What’s the most exciting thing you've done in your career so far?

Singing to a sold out show in London.

What’s been your dullest job?

Envelope stuffer at a music PR company - only did it for a day but it was dull.

Where do you look/go for inspiration?

Friends, books, music, film

What took the most balls?

Deciding to try and be a working singer, working out how to sell yourself to people and leave my comfortable job as a PA and change profession.

The best advice you have for new graduates about to go into the 'real world’ is....

Try everything and anything you are interested in.  It's never a bad thing to try things and then realise you don't want to do them forever.  It's better than regretting you had never tried it.

**Im sure you've all heard the Disclosure remix of her track Running, but here's her latest number and we cant wait for whats next to come!**