Thursday, 26 July 2012

INTROducing.......Jane Bowler: Fashion and jewellery designer

Oh Hey! How are you??

Im good thanks! Just preparing myself for the stress leading up to fashion week at the mo! But I have some cracking interns and amazing design team working with me.. so stress levels are quite low right now! 

Give us 3 words that describe you best:

Bright red hair… (I feel naked without my bow), obsessed with plastic, determined!

A bit more than 3 words but thats ok! 
So, can you tell us what it is you actually do?

I am a fashion designer based in London. I guess you could say that I am up and coming.  I am represented by an amazing PR company called Blow PR.  My work is regularly used in magazines like Dazed and Confused, Anotherman, Garage Magazine and gets borrowed by the likes of Jessy J and Lady gaga.  

I make plastic fashion! Transforming mundane materials into sophisticated and fun garments… full of texture, playfulness and colour!

...and you're how old?!?!

Erm..28… I had to think about that for a moment there!

Nice! How did you get into this?

I studied Mixed Media Textiles at Uni, and graduated from the RCA two years ago.  I have always loved being creative... but tried to resist the pull of fashion for years! 
It wasn’t until I got offered a job at textile/fashion design company called Taylor Mcardle (after I graduated from my BA) that I actually realised that fashion was the way forward for me... After two years in this studio (designing for companies like Topshop and actually learning how to use a sewing machine!) I decided to return to education to study my MA at the RCA, where I threw myself into fashion fully!

What’s the most exciting thing you've done in your career so far?

My garments were borrowed for a Nick Knight shoot which I was lucky enough to watch, it was amazing! More recently, seeing my fringed dress being beautifully worn by the talented British singer Rita Ora at T in the park! 

What’s been your dullest job?

Hmm…. I dont think I have ever had a dull job really… I have always had a job since I was 15 and they have not always been that great but there always seemed to be a story to tell.   My first ever job was as a Chamber maid in a health spa… whether it was cleaning a hot footballers room and seeing them naked or nearly taking Frank Bruno out with a hoover it was never totally dull!  You have to do all the rubbish jobs to afford to pay for Uni and build up to the point were you can run your own business I guess! And as my mum would say.. its good for the soul!

Where do you look/go for inspiration?

Materials are always the starting point for all of my collections.  I love playing with unusual materials and processes and allowing them to define my making, it’s a really fun and experimental way to work! You never know what you will come up with!

What took the most balls?

Quitting a full time job at WGSN to take a leap of faith in setting up my own lable! Scary! 

The best advice you have for new graduates about to go into the 'real world’ is....

Just go for it! If you love what you do then that’s all that matters!! Nothing worth having comes easy!

Can I also say that I am running some creative workshops for students during the summer! They are proving really popular so far! I want to give people the opportunity to explore new materials and processes to bring something exciting to their portfolios and hopefully inspire people! To find out more go to the workshop page here: ‘Jane Bowlers Creative Workshops’

**to see her complete collections visit her website here**