Monday, 9 July 2012

INTROducing...Louisa Caplan: PR and Marketing

Give us 3 words that describe you best:
Passionate, moody, fun

So, can you tell us what it is you actually do?
I do the PR & marketing for Susan Caplan Vintage Collection

...and you're how old?!?!

Nice! How did you get into this?
I wanted to do PR but kind of fell into events management instead after a degree in Marketing and Spanish. I began doing some press for Susan Caplan on the side and we realised that people were really picking up on it quickly so I started doing it full time.

What’s the most exciting thing you've done in your career so far?
Worked with Rihanna’s team for her looks.

What’s been your dullest job?
Cataloguing the returns from press shoots!

Where do you look/go for inspiration?,,,

What took the most balls?
To commit to a full time job that I had no experience for!

The best advice you have for new graduates about to go into the 'real world’ is....
Do whatever it is that takes your fancy without fear. Try a few different avenues if you’re not sure. It’s ok to get experience from different areas.

*Check out the beautiful vintage jewellery collections that she works with here.*